Hot Nurse

My new book, Hot Nurse, will be coming out in August.

Here’s a teaser from the middle of the story.

‘The afternoon had gone by in the most idyllic manner by the Serpentine lake. Having devoured a giant triple scoop of gelato, Lee was taking a nap in a striped deckchair. Salvo didn’t understand what was wrong with the grass, but Lee paid the attendant and insisted on his comfort being the priority. This guy took naps as often as a cat. Of a Cheshire variety, undoubtedly. Of course, Salvo didn’t mind it – he liked watching his boyfriend’s still serene handsome face. Not for hours though. Instead, he went to watch the birds by the water and annoy the geese by imitating their noises. Those birds were such hilarious characters. Their awkward trotting and constant head-turning of those long necks cracked him up each time. It was as if they found their surroundings constantly suspicious.

Salvo wished he had more days like this. What if they did live in London? It would be helpful for Lee in terms of his career. Though Oxford was cosier and there were less guys of interest to Lee. Yes, it hadn’t escaped his attention that Hyde Park was full of hotties of all kinds. He blamed the sunny weather. A few of them eyed Lee, and Salvo’s heart sank a few times when he saw Lee casting interested glances too. Of course, he wasn’t the hottest guy himself and Lee was only human. Still when those moments happened he felt insecure and squeezed Lee’s hand for attention.

No, moving to London would be a terrible idea. Lee would find a better and less busier boyfriend in no time, probably wealthier and more handsome too. One of those gorgeous guys, more precisely called vultures, could be making their move any time now. Salvo had lost track of time since he left Lee unattended, a rookie mistake.

He exhaled out loud when he saw that the alarm was false – the sleeping beauty was still where Salvo had left him earlier, clearly unaware of the perils emanating from the predating fauna roaming the park plains.

He brought Lee to life with a reviving kiss and was rewarded with that contented and naughty grin.

‘I might be ready for another ice-cream,’ Lee said. ‘Now that the previous sugar high is gone.’

‘Are you trying to get admitted to my hospital?’

‘Yes, with sunstroke.’

They crossed the park and found a pub with a lush beer garden hidden away from tourist eyes in one of those long winding streets in South Kensington. By the time Salvo got intoxicated, which only took two pints, the sun was going down.

‘Shall we go clubbing later?’ Lee asked.

Salvo wasn’t sure his alcohol resilience could take so much.

‘Yes, we could, though, I’m a bit tipsy now and would be happy to come back to Oxford not too late.’

Lee looked at him and sighed, ‘Alright, let’s get you home.’

On their way back to the bus stop Lee was sad and didn’t speak much. Still, he didn’t let go of Salvo’s hand either. Was it too selfish to ask to skip going clubbing? Salvo forced nobody and Lee didn’t even object. All the temptation at a club, a place full of sexually inquisitive guys with chiselled physiques was the last thing their new relationship needed. Salvo suspected Lee understood that too. When they got back home, Salvo made sure he rewarded Lee with the best fellatio that would blow London out of the water. And the following morning, it was coffee in bed and cheese and tomato ciabattas for Lee.

‘I feel bad,’ Lee said when he saw Salvo approaching just in his boxers with the tray full of food.

‘Why? Hangover? Want a painkiller?’

‘No, silly, it’s you. Making breakfast for me. You are a saint, St Salvo.’

‘Far from it. I’m pursuing ulterior motives.’ Salvo giggled craftily.

‘Oh yeah, like what?’

‘Making sure you have enough energy to endure the best fuck ever.’

‘But then we’d better be quick,’ Lee said.

‘It’s not like it takes hours anyway.’ Salvo rolled his eyes and got into bed by his side.

‘No, I’m going to Kent today, remember?’

‘Of course, your parents,’ Salvo theatrically lowered his voice in disappointment. ‘Okay, no sex then.’

‘Don’t be silly.’ Lee set his tray aside and scooped Salvo into his arms who giggled and pretended to break free. He knew Lee would only tighten his clasp. His boyfriend’s hard throbbing cock poking his backside was another indication of the imminent sweaty frolics.’

Hot Nurse is now available to pre-order