Lab Romance

David is a scientist based in Oxford, whose private life is almost as functional as the shelves in his lab. He knows what he needs (he learned it from a book), and everything seems to be in a perfect order in his life. He has good sex, his fair share of handsome dates, a former boyfriend who is always there, if he feels like going to London… not only that! He has a true friend he can always rely on, fun-loving colleagues, a great city at his feet, with all its splendour and vice, yet there is a glaring gap in his life. He’s missing IT. And it’s no other than IT comes right where he lives in the shape of a dashing Greek medic, Markos.

They are attracted to each other immediately and can make a great couple, but he wouldn’t be David if he just went for it. He manages to put Markos off… then again and again, until finally it becomes clear that only the power of love can mend what was broken by mind.

Lab Romance is 36,000 word story in the MM romance genre with HEA ending. It is available on Amazon Kindle or in paperback