London Dates

Castor Evans leaves his native town and travels to London to commence undergraduate studies at Greenwich University. Upon arrival, he meets his first love, Mike, and a girl called Violet, who becomes Castor’s closest friend.
Castor is still a child in many ways, yet intelligent beyond his nineteen years. How will he cope with the first heartbreak? Will he recognise and pursue real love when he finally meets him?

London Dates is a light, emotional and humorous coming-of-age LGBT story set in London and … a few other exciting places.

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London Dates consists of five episodes:

1. First Wound – young Castor arrives in London and has his first romantic experience.
2. A Man in Budgie Smugglers – that steamy weekend, Castor learns that sex can be good as just sex.
3. Sex in the Cave – Castor goes to Edinburgh for Christmas where many surprises await, including a cave where naughty things can happen.
4. Sputnik 2 Love – back to London, back to studies – but no, Castor is falling for a fellow student, a young Russian poet called Alyosha.
5. A Million Dollar Man – not knowing if his love is mutual is one thing, now Castor has to battle other obstacles on his path to conquer Alyosha’s heart.