Top of the Slope

Sometimes, running away from the past is a sure way to succumb to loneliness. Alex aches to get away from his office job in the provincial English place called Didcot: his career change didn’t go as planned, and it doesn’t take him long to realise that his Mr Right resides elsewhere. Thank God, his London friends are aware of Alex’s pathetic existence… Little he knows that a skiing holiday is going to change his life.

Despite being nicely settled in Berlin and running a popular vet clinic, Josh has his own share of trouble. The plan was to marry his boyfriend Thomas: the plan didn’t include a scenario of the boyfriend turning out to be a piece of s**t. With Thomas relocating to another city, the two essentially agree to have a long distance and open relationship. Not that Josh had any choice… When their friends invite him and Thomas to join them on a skiing holiday, and Thomas says yes, Josh thinks that not all is lost. He can’t wait for their reunion.

When Alex and Josh meet each other in the Alps, things will never be the same again for them. The snow and the mountains enchant them, sparks fly and their friend Lucy is a never-ending source of amusement. What could be a major obstacle to romance in high altitude? Thomas? Overthinking? Doubts? An avalanche, perhaps?
When love is meant to be, it’s unstoppable.

Top of the Slope is a M/M romance story with a HEA ending.Top of the Slope is available on Amazon Kindle/Print